As an Accredited Family Mediator Dawn helps guide her clients through the process to create a separation agreement specific to the family’s needs and abilities. Dawn places the children as a priority so that a parenting plan can be created while the parties collect their financial information. This saves time such that Dawn can accomplish, on average, in 6 weeks what it takes lawyers 2 years to get done. Dawn helps the parties engage in communication for the division of their assets and debts, family home, determine child and/or spousal support.  Dawn then drafts the agreement and once final approval from both parties is received, they can take their agreement to Lawyers for Independent Legal Advice if they so choose.


Elder Care Mediation


When family members are not in agreement regarding the care and nurturing of their elder parent/s there are few legal options. Mediation provides a process that outdates lawyers and our legal system.

 Dawn interviews each family member, including the elder family member, before bringing the family all together to have productive conversations and find solutions for Mom or Dad’s care moving forward.




This is a speciality service for extremely high conflict couples that have either just entered the world of co-parenting and are very conflicted or have been dealing with courts and fighting for a while. Courts will often order a Parenting Coordinator for high conflict couples for a term of 1 year. During this time such high conflict parents must work with the parenting coordinator closely and where agreement can not be achieved then the Parenting Coordinator is afforded arbitral powers and will make a legally binding decision on the topic the parents can not agree.


Civil litigation is a legal process in which criminal charges and penalties are not at issue. When two or more parties become embroiled in such a non-criminal legal dispute, the case is presented at a trial where plaintiffs seek compensation or other damages from defendants. Dawn is registered as a Roster Mediator for Civil Litigation and is available to take on cases.




Why Choose Us

The goal in every dispute is to bring it to and end as quickly as possible. Whether it is by lawsuit or trial, a decision by a hired judge or arbitrator, or a mediated agreement,
everyone involved wants their disagreement to end.

But some methods of resolution can be better than of others.