What can Mediation do for you?

  • Mediation is a voluntary process of resolving disputes.
  • Results are agreements that last longer than those imposed.
  • Mediation improves communication, reduces anger and encourages future cooperation.
  • Mediation is particularly helpful when dealing with parenting plans and ensuring the best outcome for the kids.
  • Decisions are not made by a Judge or Lawyer but rather by the people involved.
  • Mediation can save time and money.
  • Mediation can reduce conflict and preserve relationships.
  • Mediation is confidential.

How does Mediation work?

  • Call Cornerstone Mediation to arrange a free interview.
  • The initial individual meetings allow the parties to clarify their understanding of mediation and to decide whether they wish to proceed.
  • If it is determined that mediation is appropriate then the Cornerstone Mediator will meet with both parties and begin working towards assisting them in finding a mutually acceptable resolution to the issues.
  • The mediator then produces the agreement that each party’s lawyer goes over to verify that rights are protected.
  • You may withdraw from mediation at any time.
  • Evening and weekend appointments are available.