Mediation is the most cost effective method of resolving sensitive and emotionally charged issues. Where everyone has the chance to be heard. The needs of the elder are focused upon so caregivers, family members, friends and community can come together. A mediator specially trained and accredited as an Elder Mediator has the skills to lead you through to a positive outcome, for everyone.

Caregiver & Family Stress

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    • As an important, and well loved, part of the family the elder moves from being the caregiver to being cared for. This role reversal, as our senior generation ages, means that we need to spend more of our time caring for our parents and/or grandparents.
    • We also go to work, take care of our homes and children or grandchildren and possibly, on top of it all, we go to school. The demands on our time are not determined by the amount of care or love we have for one another but what needs to get done and there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish it all.

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    • The stresses of today have far reaching implications: exhaustion, financial struggles, relationship issues and it can affect our own health both physical and mental. Stress can be debilitating making it even more challenging to take care of all that sits on our plates. It’s okay to ask for help. Mediation is that help.

Specialized Training

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  • Helping families sort out the issues surrounding the care and decision making for their elderly involves many complicated issues and topics.
  • Due to family dynamics, Power of Attorney, Health & Ability issues, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, among other concerns, the area of Elder Mediation is a very specialized form of conflict resolution.
  • Mediators should be properly educated to handle all that is invvolved in this unique multi-party, emotionally charged process in order to attain success. Not just anyone can effectively deal with all these issues.

Family Matters.

Mediation Works.