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  • Mediation, unlike Litigation (going to court) works on finding a solution that parties can agree to.
  • The costs of litigation have long proven to extend beyond financial to emotional and psychological costs to both parents and children, some lasting for years.
  • Mediation is based on a co-operative approach where litigation is adversarial.
  • In Litigation, the decisions are made by the judge or negotiated between lawyers. Mediation allows you to maintain your decision making power.

Meet Dawn


Dawn is a specialist in resolving business and interpersonal conflicts using advanced conflict resolution techniques. The whole process is about empowering people to settle their own dispute by eliminating roadblocks, expanding settlement options and possibilities, changing perspectives on the central issues in the dispute and thereby assisting the parties to discover their own roadmap to settlement.

Dawn holds an Honor’s degree in Psychology from York University and LL.M. (Masters in Law) from Osgoode Hall Law School with a specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Dawn is also an accredited family mediator (Accr.F.M) with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators. In addition, she has completed extensive training in Parenting Co-ordination training and Child Protection training, Family, Workplace, Civil Litigation and Community Mediation.

Dawn is a regular contributor to the Mississauga News: ‘Ask the Expert’ Column and will soon be featured on Rogers’ TV Morning Show. She has been published in Atlantic Firefighter and Wedding Bells Magazine and has published her debut children’s book “The Itchy Nose”. Contact Dawn for a signed copy!

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